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Thinners No. 02

Thinners No. 2 is the solvent for alkyd based paints and coatings.

Thinners No. 07

Thinners No. 7 is the solvent for xylene based paints and coatings.

Thinners No. 10

Thinners No. 10 is the solvent base for Jotun's Hardtop range.

Thinners No. 17

Thinners No. 17 is the solvent base for Jotun's Jotamastic, Penguard and Barrier range.

SML Alkyd Thinners

SML Alkyd Thinner is designed for use with traditional single pack varnishes, alkyd based topcoats and alkyd primers. It is also suitable for Ballastic Black Bitumen Proofing.

SML Epoxy Thinner

SML Epoxy Thinner is suitable for use with most two-pack epoxy primers and epoxy topcoats. This thinner is not suitable for two pack polyurethanes.

SML Polyurethane Thinner

High performance, high quality and fast evaporation thinner for polyurethane topcoats. It is designed for use when applying paints at temperatures below 15°C. Use this special thinner as a better quality alternative to Jotun No. 10 thinner, for increased open time, better paint flow and an improved level of gloss.

SML Xylene Thinner

SML Xylene Thinner is ideal for use with quick drying single pack acrylic primers and topcoats.

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