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Flooring/Anti Slip

Jotafloor epoxy floor paints and systems protect and extend the life of concrete and masonry floors whilst providing aesthetically pleasing effects in a variety of colours. The Jotafloor products are ideal for commercial, industrial and residential use including garages, factories and warehouses. Jotun are a global leader in the development and manufacture of protective coatings and so you can rest assured that the Jotafloor Range will provide a hardwearing, durable and cost effective flooring solution.

For more information please view the Jotafloor Application Guide.


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15 cm sieve, to aid even spreading of Jotun anti-skid additive. Suitable for Medium grade only.

From £4.05


A 3 component epoxy coating giving the ultimate anti-skid surface. Suitable for primed metallic & concrete substrates. Approved to UK Defence Standard 80-134/1 for Royal Navy flight, hangar & weather decks. Can be used on helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks and decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. Standard Comp B: 9 litre kit Wintergrade Comp B: 9.3 litre kit Available in several colours, all on Special order. See Manual, Data sheet & Application guide (under Guides tab below) for full details.

From £133.90

A single pack, fast drying, glossy topcoat offering durability not normally associated with alkyd floor products. It is deal for foot traffic and light duty floors and is available in a huge range of colours.

From £34.95

Now discontinued but Penguard Clear Sealer is a good alternative.

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A transparent two-pack epoxy primer exhibiting excellent penetration properties to ensure good adhesion between Jotafloor products and masonry surfaces.

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A two-pack epoxy floor coating offering good chemical resistance, durability and it is available in a wide range of colours.

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Jotun Anti-Skid Additive is made from aluminium oxide particles. It can be used with both single pack and two pack topcoats to provide a non-slip finish.

From £10.25

Penguard Clear Sealer is a transparent two-pack epoxy sealer with excellent waterproofing qualities. It is ideal for waterproofing timber and as a primer on to masonry and concrete.

From £42.95

New improved

For use in single pack or two-pack topcoats to give a non-slip finish. Anti-Slip Beads are excellent for use on decking and walkways.

From £4.15


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