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Jotamastic 80

Jotamastic 80 is a two-pack epoxy mastic paint, which can be applied at low film thicknesses (from 75 to 200 microns in a single coat) . Jotamastic 80 is built on the same technology platform as Jotamastic 87 and is recommended as an anti-corrosive coating for steel above and below water.

The aluminium range is particularly suited for submerged areas (look in choose colour for Aluminium or Aluminium red-toned). Aluminium flakes within the coatings create an impenetrable barrier to water and increased coating flexibility.

For best results apply two coats above the waterline and three coats below the waterline at a typical spreading rate of 8 m² per litre.

Use the Wintergrade version for application below 10°C and faster curing times in normal conditions.

Note: Pack size is 4.6 litres or 18.3 litres including hardener.

Recommended topcoats (above the water):

Standard: Conseal Touch-Up

Premium: Hardtop AX

Eco: Pilot WF

Other topcoat options available. Please call us for advice.

Feature Details
Water Resistance Very Good
Thinner Jotun Thinners No. 17 or SML Epoxy Thinner
Solvent Resistance Good
Pot life @ 23°C 2 hours maximum
No. of recommended coats 3 x Aluminium below waterline, 2 above waterline
Dry to re-coat @ 23°C 10 hours
Curing time @ 23°C 7 days
Coverage 7 to 8 m² per litre
Chemical Resistance Good
Application method Brush, roller or high pressure airless spray
Abrasion Resistance Very Good

Above Water
Below Water
Jotamastic 80
Product Features
  • Use Aluminium version below the waterline
  • Surface tolerant
  • Great value for money
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