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Hardtop Optima 5L

Jotun Hardtop Optima is a two-pack isocyanate-free polysiloxane topcoat with outstanding gloss and colour retention. It is available in a wide range of colours. 

Hardtop Optima should be applied over a suitable epoxy primer where a durable high grade finish is required in an aggressive atmospheric environment.

Advantages of Hardtop Optima:

*     Isocyanate free, so fewer health issues during application

*     Good brush and roller characteristics - much easier to keep a wet edge than with 2 pack polyurethanes

*     Excellent gloss retention

*     Excellent colour stability

*     Very good abrasion resistance

*     High volume solids results in a thick coating AND good coverage

*     Long pot life once mixed - typically 50% longer than with polyurethanes

If thinners are to be used, either Thinners 7 (xylene) or Thinners 17 (epoxy) may be used.  We recommend Thinners 17 (epoxy) as it has a slower rate of evaporation, which improves the wet edge characteristics of the paint.

Available in 5 litre tins.

We currently have some stock of Hardtop Optima which has gone out of date and can be sold at very good prices. Please contact the office on 01285 862132 if you are interested.

Feature Details
Water resistance: Very good
Thinner: Jotun Thinners No 7 or 17
Solvent resistance: Good
Number of coats recommended: 2
Gloss: Glossy
Gloss retention: Excellent
Flexibility Good
Drying time @ 23°C: Through dry in 4 hours
Coverage: 8 sq metres per litre
Colour retention: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Very good
Application method: Airless spray, brush recommended for stripe coating & small areas, care must be taken to achieve the desired dry film thickness.
Abrasion resistance: Very good

Above Water
Hardtop Optima 5L
Product Features
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