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Discontinued Primers

LIMITED OFFER - Jotamastic 90 for the same price as Jotamastic 87

Jotun's primers are used across the globe to protect some of the world's most iconic structures (including the Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa) and provide unrivalled corrosion protection.

Jotun's range of two-pack epoxy primers protect millions of square meters of steel worldwide and balance the need for effective corrosion protection with excellent application properties and a demanding budget.

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The best way to ensure primers are applied in the required thicknesses and with the correct number of coats is to use a Wet Film Gauge and to use different colours between coats (so you can see where you have been). However, if you are only ordering one tin of primer, we can now supply some tint that you can use to change the colour of your primer to differentiate between coats.


Jotamastic 87 has now been discontinued and replaced by the more advanced Jotamastic 90. 

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Jotamastic 87 AL has now been discontinued and replaced by the more advanced Jotamastic 90 AL.

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A single pack coating that provides protection to steel exposed to extreme high and/or low temperatures. Jotatemp 650 can operate in dry temperatures ranging from cryogenic (-185°C) to above 650°C. Available in 5 Litre cans.

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A two-pack primer consisting of a silicate solution and zinc paste. It reduces exposure to fumes dring welding & cutting compared with high zinc primers. The dry film contains 50% zinc by weight.

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