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Two-Pack Topcoats

Jotun produces a large range of commercial topcoats from traditional oil based paints like Pilot II through to market leading two-pack polyurethanes like Hardtop Flexi. Although the physical properties vary from topcoat to topcoat the one thing they have in common is that they are all manufactured to the highest standard by Jotun's BS EN ISO9001 and ISO 14001 accredited manufacturing plant at Flixborough.

If you would like advice on which Jotun topcoat is most suitable for your project then please don't hesitate to contact us.


Hardtop AS Clear is a two-pack, high gloss, high performance polyurethane clearcoat with excellent gloss retention.

From £52.95

Hardtop AS is a two-pack aliphatic polyurethane high gloss coating for use as topcoat on vessels and other marine structures: Super structures, decks, topsides and engine rooms. When applied over an epoxy mastic, it offers the ultimate protection against the elements.

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Hardtop AS Aluminium is a silver metallic two-pack polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention. Best used for detail work, coachlines and small areas.

From £69.95


A two-pack glossy polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention. Suitable for brush/roll as well as spray application. Hardtop AX has good chemical resistance and can be used in aggressive atmospheric environments.

From £59.95


A two-pack acrylic-epoxy, isocyanate free topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention.

From £59.95


Hardtop Flexi is a high solids, glossy two-pack polyurethane topcoat with good gloss and colour retention and excellent flexibility. Hardtop Flexi also has excellent impact resistance.

From £49.95

Hardtop HB is a satin finish two pack polyurethane topcoat with excellent colour retention.

From £49.95

Hardtop Optima is a two-pack isocyanate-free polysiloxane topcoat with outstanding gloss and colour retention. It is available in a wide range of colours and in various pack sizes. The best commercial topcoat available from Jotun.

From £129.95


Hardtop Pro is an isocyanate-free acrylic polysiloxane coating giving a high gloss finish. It offers excellent gloss & colour retention, very good chemical resistance, and easier application with brush & roller. It is a high solids topcoat (65%), and cures down to 0º C.

From £39.95

Hardtop XP is a high solids, high performance polyurethane topcoat with excellent spray properties and improved properties for application by brush and roller – ensuring good result and appreciated by all applicators.

From £49.95

Cures underwater, the ideal primer for steel in splash zones & tidal areas, & wide colour choice when used as a topcoat.

From £55.95

Penguard Topcoat is a glossy pure epoxy topcoat. It should only be used in situations where there is limited exposure to Ultra Violet light or where cosmetic appearance over a period of time is not important.

From £48.45